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Who we are:

SJR Business Consultancy is a full service consulting firm specialising in assisting small to medium size businesses. Whether you need to design a Business and Marketing Plan, strategic planning, prepare your accounting records, financial reporting, projections, cash flow analysis, SJR Business Consultancy can prepare your company for the present and the future. We offer (world-wide) innovative business solutions tailor made to suit your needs. We guarantee a personal, confidential and impartial service.

Every business needs frequent and current financial reports in order to achieve its aims. It has been statistically proven that past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance and we can support you to ensure the efficient and effective management of your business.

What we do:

Our main priority is to ensure that you receive an objective professional service. From providing short term business advice to enjoying a long term working relationship, SJR Business Consultancy can increase your company’s success while allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

We are committed to providing the highest level of Customer Service

We provide a Novel Approach to Business Solutions

If your needs fall outside our portfolio, we can recommend other professionals who specialise in the areas that you require. We will only recommend those who are reputable and known to us. We will assemble a team of qualified professionals who will work hand in hand with us. Competitive rates can be obtained.

We offer an extensive range of services, from Consulting to Accounting, and have successfully helped many businesses improve their productivity and profitability through our hands-on planning resource allocation and implementation program. We will work with you to define your business' needs and problem areas. We will assist in creating a business plan designed specifically for your company, empowering you with the tools for successful management of your business which will help you allocate properly resources, handle unforeseen complications, arrange strategic alliances and attract key employees.

Every business needs regular and current financial information and we will provide sound accounting services, from standard bookkeeping to regular and timely management accounts. This is a cost effective way of enabling you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business. All our accounting services are tailor made and individually designed to cater for your needs, always considering your business requirements and the resources available. Personal service is always our priority; therefore, we will always be at your disposal to discuss any aspect of your business, as well as the results of any service we may offer.

We are willing to work with you on a non committal basis, which will allow us the opportunity to assess your requirements and provide a cost effective tailor made fee structure, which will be based on the level of involvement and time required.

Our Consultancy Services:

Our portfolio of consultancy services includes:

  • Business Consultancy (Including Projections & Forecasts)
  • Business Administration & Family Office services
  • Information Technology & System Development
  • Marketing and Advertising Plans & Strategies
  • Accounting Services & Cash Flow analysis
  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Cost analysis & Pricing Structures
  • Stock Control Structure
  • Regular Management Accounts reporting
  • Local Taxation
  • Human Resources (Including Payroll & Employee Manuals)
  • Business over haul & reconstruction
  • General Administration & Trouble shooting
  • TracingAgents
  • CommissionerforOaths
  • Directorship & Corporate Services: Will be referred to Licensed Company Managers.

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About Gibraltar

A British overseas territory, situated on the most southern tip of Spain and with strategic command over the straits, Gibraltar has developed into a successful finance centre, which has gained international recognition over the years.

Enjoying its status as a British overseas territory within the European Union, it is an unparallel jurisdiction, ideally suited for the development of financial services. Gibraltar is self governed, its legal structure is based on English law and has a common law system and as a result has acquired an exceptional professional infrastructure. It has access to the EU single market in financial services, and has a sterling financial services regulation which has been recognised and endorsed by the International Monetary Fund, a recognition that has extended to its anti-money laundering infrastructure.

In its ever lasting drive for improvement and competitiveness, the Government of Gibraltar has maintained its tax framework implementing a system which is proven and accepted by the European Union and beneficial to potential investors.

Gibraltar possesses a mixed economy which has grown over time and all indications favour its solidity and strength growing by an average of 6.5% per annum.

Gibraltar also offers a proficient and competent platform for clients wishing to hold their assets and/or investments or to conduct international trade via a Gibraltar company. A territorial tax system is operated in Gibraltar and only the profits from activities conducted within Gibraltar are subject to tax. Gibraltar company law is pliant regarding company matters which in-turn offers clients a vast array of tax efficient options, in addition, individuals who qualify for High Net Worth status, who wish to establish residence, may enjoy special tax concessions providing they are successful with their applications.

Should you be interested in knowing more on the above, please contact us and we would be happy to refer you to licensed company managers.

Tel(+350) 57670000